TOLUCA – A1094588

Brooklyn Center

My name is TOLUCA. My Animal ID # is A1094588.
I am a neutered male black labrador retr mix. The shelter thinks I
am about 10 YEARS old.

I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 10/24/2016 from NY 10304,
owner surrender reason stated was STRAY.

11/03/2016 Exam Type RE-EXAM – Medical Rating is 4 NC – SEVERE
CONDITIONS NOT CONTAGIOUS, Behavior Rating is NH ONLY, Weight 72.0

11/03/16 Check right hind leg and obtain blood for NSAID
screening under sedation. History of chronic right hind lameness.
O: BAR. Growling and snapping. Administered Dexdomitor 1.0 ml IM.
After 15 minutes, dog still ambulatory and not relaxed enough for
exam. Administered 0.5 ml Telazol IM to provide additional
sedation. MS: Prior to sedation – toe touching lameness right hind.
Post sedation – Severe right stifle joint thickening with medial
buttress, mild joint effusion. Positive cranial drawer. A: Right
CCL tear, Right stifle DJD. P: CBC/Chem panel: CBC – WNL except
mild monocytosis. Chem – ALKP = 1652 U/L (23-212), ALT = 163 U/L
(10-125), BUN = 5 mg/dL (7-27), Glob = 4.6 g/dL (2.5-4.5). Rest
WNL. Assessment: Elevated Alk Phos with mildly elevated ALT,
otherwise unremarkable. R/o age related change vs other
hepatopathy. OK to start NSAIDs to help with dog’s comfort level.
Rec. recheck blood chemistry after one month if stays on NSAIDs. Rx
Rimadyl 100 mg. 1.5 Po q 24 hours. Fair prognosis. Even with
surgery to repair CCL rupture, has already developed arthritis in
the joint that will need long term management.

10/24/16 16:27 Finder was able to place Toluca into a carrier using
a leash without any issues. Once inside crate, Toluca started to
growl. Behavior during intake: Toluca was at the back of the
carrier growling, stiff body. ACO was able to removed her from
carrier after a few minutes. We…

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