10 Things You Need To Know About Labrador Retrievers

about labrador retriever

Normally he is a healthy companion. Regular grooming is required
to maintain his body healthy and beautiful. Lab is very active
buddy and he needs sufficient exercise to maintain his body. Having
Labrador is like your kids getting a friendly playing partner. But
here is some important information you need to know about him.

He is very strong buddy

Lab is well muscular breed. He has very strong arms. He requires
sufficient training. It is better to train him well from his
puppyhood. Normally his weight is oscillated between 70 – 80
pounds. You have to train him to obey your order from childhood. If
not due to his power, you cannot be able to make him under your

Don’t underestimate his exercise requirement

Lab is a working doggie. As a companion dog he needs exercise at
least one hour per day. He needs to get out and get long walk or
running. If you want to make him as companion you must give him
enough exercise as you feed him well. If he unable to get
sufficient exercises his health also can loss. So, please don’t
think about it simple. Keep it on your mind as a serious

Can become the lazy

He loves to feed well. You have to be well known about how much
food should you provide him for diet? Become fat can take your
buddy to open path of bunch of diseases. That couldn’t be happen.
As you feed him well, likewise you should make him to do lots of
exercises. If not he becomes lazy guy.

He is a good helper

Lab is…

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