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20 Quick Tips On How to Apply for Dog Related Jobs

Tips On Applying For Dog Related Jobs
Tips On Applying For Dog Related Jobs

How amazing would it be to work with dogs every day? If you’ve ever thought of changing your career or you’ve just finished school, I have a few tips for you. Being a dog lover isn’t the only qualification though, so don’t assume it will be an easy task to land a dog related job.

With people becoming more aware of the needs their dogs have, dog related jobs in this field have grown tenfold. This means that there’s ample opportunity to find a job that where you’ll get to work with one of your most favorite animals, a dog.

From dog groomers to pet sitters to dog walkers to dog trainers to pet entrepreneurs to pet nutritionists to… there are many different types of job in this industry.

If you’ve already been through the proper training courses for the job you are interested in, you’re well on your way already. However, if you’re just beginning to look into a dog related career, you’ve got a long way to go (and I’ve gone through that path myself).

Let me explain the next steps you’ll need to take to attain the doggy related job you’ve been looking for since the day you fell in love with canines.

20 Tips On Applying For Dog Related Jobs

1. Are there breeds that you’re afraid of?

Not all dogs are created equal. Some breeds have a tendency to be more aggressive than others. If there’s a certain breed you’re weary of, mention this when applying for the job.

You don’t want to go into a job blind, especially if you’re afraid of Cocker Spaniels and the majority of the clientele are made of them.

Ask yourself why you’re afraid of this certain breed. Were you bitten when you were younger? Maybe take some time and visit with a dog of that breed and see that just because one was bad, doesn’t mean all them of are.

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2. Know your breeds

Getting to know the different breeds and their temperaments can be a huge advantage when applying for a job working with dogs. You’ll know what to expect and how to handle certain difficulties when they arise.

Different breeds have different needs, and knowing the basics will get you much farther.

3. Apply everywhere

Don’t just apply at one place, apply for every dog job you see that’s available. The chances that you’ll get hired becomes a lot stronger. Plus, this will ensure you’ll land a dog related job sooner rather than later.

If you don’t have the necessary skills required for a certain job, you can also ask if you can intern. By becoming an intern, you have the opportunity to work and learn everything from the bottom. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

4. Ask questions

Ask plenty of questions about the job. Do your research before going in and find out everything you can. Know what will be required of you, and how hands on the job is.

By being prepared before an interview and knowing what the job entails, the employer sees that you’re very interested in the position. By asking the right questions you prepare yourself and also your prospective future boss.

5. Disclose your limitations

…if you have any that is. Back problems in a physically demanding job will not work out. If poop, pee and puke make you queasy tell the interviewer. There’s no point in taking a job when you won’t be enjoying it.

Yes, there will be aspects that you won’t…


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