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6 Quick Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

It’s an exciting day. You’ve adopted and bringing home your new puppy. Regardless of whether your new dog is old or young, there are a set of steps to go through first to make your house or apartment safe and enjoyable time for everyone.

Your new dog will have needs and desires that may interfere with your needs and desires – like the desire to have a clean house, socks without holes, and Holiday decorations.

When you adopt a new dog, it is best to think like a pet before you go and pick him up. Dogs are curious hunters and chewers. They have an excellent sense of smell, and they hate being bored (which is when they go onto destroying your belongings).

First, take some time and walk around your house and yard, and put yourself in your new puppy’s paws to see what may go wrong once he’s here. If you think something could be a hazard, it probably will be.

It saves time and money to deal with these issues before your puppy starts getting into things. Not to mention, the health and happiness of your new canine family member will be at stake if you don’t properly puppy-proof your home.

6 Top Tips for Puppy-Proofing your Home

1. Pet Gates

There are places you will not want your puppy or adult dog to go. Pet gates are perfect for keeping him out. If you want to keep him out of an area you don’t go into very often, you can just use a basic gate.

If you have larger dogs and need a gate higher than one you can step over, then you might need to invest a little more money into getting a gate with a latched door.

Consider who will be using the room. We keep our cat food in a bathroom that is used by the household, but the dogs will eat the cat food in 5 seconds flat. So, we have a pet gate with a latched door. The cats could easily jump over it, but now the older cats are having trouble jumping. We will now have to get a gate with a little cat door.

Most pet gates can also double as a baby gate. When my daughter was small, I had a gate in her bedroom door and it served to keep her in when I was cleaning and keep the dogs out of her room as well. There are infinite uses for pet gates, like keeping your dog away from cat littler, holiday decorations and away from the garbage can.

TEST VIDEO: Best Dog Gate Comparison

2. Wires

Puppies like to chew. Sometimes, even adult dogs will act out and chew, especially if they are in a new home. Your fur baby will not…

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