5 Ways Music Can Help Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

Anxiety is common in dogs. When thunderstorms or fireworks are going on outside, your dog has little understanding of what is causing these loud noises. This causes them to feel vulnerable and becomes anxious. As a pet parent who loves your canine, you’re probably looking for easy and affordable ways to reduce this anxiety in your dog. Music is a great tool to introduce to your pet when loud noises are going on, or when a large family gathering with a lot of new people is taking place.


by Natalie Wilson

If you’re looking to learn more about how music can reduce anxiety in dogs, you’ve come the right place. Below are five different ways you can improve your dog’s life through the power of music.

1. By emphasizing certain frequencies

Just as how humans prefer certain frequencies, dogs are more receptive to certain frequencies in their music as well. If you consider music that is popular with humans, many of the frequencies fall within our natural vocal range. With dogs, the preferred frequency is around 396 Hz. To give you an idea of the pitch, the lowest note on the piano is about 27.5 Hz. 396 Hz is the first G above middle C on the piano and is therefore in a comfortable hearing range for humans and dogs. Michael Tyrrell discovered this preferred frequency through extensive research and has now created Wholetones, a great musical resource for humans and their dogs.

2. By using a consistent rhythm

Music with consistent rhythms will also have the ability to reduce anxiety in dogs. Dogs have been found to dislike rhythms that are obscure or inconsistent in nature. This is why a steady beat in the key of G major might resonate best with your dog. Dogs have been found to enjoy reggae music, which typically has a consistent rhythm that accents beat 2 and 4 in a 4/4 bar. Next time you’re playing music for your dog, try turning on some…

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