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Dog Shock Collar Comparison: Dogtra vs SportDog vs Petsafe vs Educator

It’s one of the most controversial training tools a dog owner’s arsenal. Dog shock collars are viewed as a sort of harmful device that may cause the dog pain and aims to train them through negative reinforcement. This is certainly true and a number of studies have demonstrated this.

Dog Shock Collar Comparison
Dog Shock Collar Comparison

But the case for using shock collars is not that black and white. Many professional dog trainers explain how in some cases and for specific dogs, a shock collar is an essential tool that can also be used safely and without any harm done to the dog. This is similar to prong collars which are not needed for majority of canines, but are the only option in isolated cases.

The bottom line with the use of dog shock collars is that only high quality, precise and accurate devices must be used. And, pet owners must familiarize and educate themselves on how to use these electronic devices safely to avoid causing any harm to the dog.

INTERVIEW: Dog Trainer on Using Electronic Shock Collars

Below is an extensive dog shock collar comparison and a guide on how to pick the best dog training collar for your pooch if you’ve decided that it’s the only option left to try. After analyzing four major and most reliable dog shock collar brands on the market, here’s what we found:

Dog Shock Collar Comparison
Dogtra vs SportDog vs Petsafe vs Educator

The Basics of Training with Shock Collars

A dog shock collar works by discharging mild impulses into the dog’s necks. Shock collars are intended to work in conjunction with proper dog training methods. Your aim here is to teach the dog that the shock discharges from the collar coincide with your verbal warnings and with certain of the dog’s behaviors. No shock collars should be used indefinitely.

What trainers say is that when the process is done correctly, the dog will learn quickly that the mild shocks from the training collar are nothing more than a form of communication – a sort of physical pat on the neck. The goal with training dogs using shock collars is to use this device as little as possible. As soon as you have achieved your training goal, you should focus on continued training without the shock collar.

Know when the collar is useful, and when it’s not. It may feel surprising for some, but shock collars are actually not advisable for problematic and aggressive dogs. If you are dealing with an aggressive or untrainable dog, you should consider contacting a professional dog trainer. Using a dog shock collar will likely only irritate and anger the animal, and you will only continue hurting the dog unnecessarily.

There are several steps to consider when training your dog with a shock collar:

The first step is to properly introduce the dog to the collar. Let the dog sniff it and take a good look at it. Then, put the collar on and take it off. Give your dog a treat. Repeat this process several times until the dog views the shock collar as just another thing that goes on his neck when it is time for a training session.

Once the dog is familiar with the shock collar, you can start training. It’s important to use the shock collar only at the right moments – never use the shock collars after your dog has done something bad or it will view it as punishment. Instead, aim to use the shock collar when the dog has just done something wrong. Combine the shock collar with verbal warnings. It is vital for your verbal and shock warnings to be consistent both with each other and with the dog’s behavior.

Use reward based training. Because a shock collar is simply a tool, regular dog training principles still apply. Don’t forget to reward the dog whenever he does something right, or for any significant period of time when he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Put on the collar in advance. To make sure that your dog retains a positive view of the shock collar, put it on 20-30 minutes before the training and to take it off 20-30 minutes after the training. This way the pet won’t associate the training itself with the collar even though the discharges will be coming from the collar.

Top 4 Dog Shock Collars Compared

The only way to use a safe training session with the use of dog shock collar is to educate yourself on how to use them, and use only high quality devices. Currently, there are four major dog shock collar brands that have established themselves as reliable and accurate. Those are:

Dogtra (
This is a company that has been around for over three decades with a dedication to dog training collars specifically. They are a member of ECMA (Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association) and PETT (Partnership for Electronic Training Technology). Their shock collars are one of the most popular among professional dog trainers.

SportDog ( subsidiary of Radio Systems Corporation, SportDog brand has been around for about 15 years now. They have a team of experienced dog trainers, hunters and other experts to test and design their training collars, and this brand due to its affordable pricing is the most popular dog training collar among pet owners.

PetSafe ( very well-known company not for their dog shock collars but for offering a range of good quality dog supplies in almost every category. They’ve been around since the early 1990s and have since developed a good relationship with their customer base as a trusted brand, but do not have a dedicated training collars department.

Educator (
The youngest company on this list that quickly rose to prominence among pet owners and trainers alike. The Educator team, however, is made up of experts with many years of experiencing designing electronic devices. They have also dedicated themselves to developing and inventing new technologies with their dog training collars, all of which are manufactured in the USA.

Here’s what you should know about each of these brands and their dog shock collars.

The new Dogtra shock remote training collars are a prime example of what…

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