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16 Tips on How to Find and Pick Local Dog Breeders in Your Area

16 Tips to Find Local Dog Breeders in Your Area (and pick a legit one)
16 Tips to Find Local Dog Breeders in Your Area (and pick a legit one)

Many future pet owners prefer getting purebred dogs, and will try to find local dog breeders with that purpose. There are plenty of reasons one may desire a purebred dog – you know exactly what the dog looks like and what you’re getting, you know what the dog’s health will likely be, you know that specific breed’s personality and traits, and so on.

However, there is a significant difference between getting a purebred dog from a reputable dog breeder and getting a dog from an illegitimate breeder (or puppy mill) that has done a poor job at breeding and raising the dogs. Getting a dog from the wrong breeder may lead to having a dog from an impure breed or a dog with health problems, not to mention that you’d likely be supporting a breeder that mistreats their animals.

You can read more here on how to identify a reputable breeder, and below are some tips on how to find local dog breeders in your area using that criteria that are likely to be reputable and responsible.

16 Tips to Find Local Dog Breeders
(and how to pick the right one)

Saying that people should look for reputable dog breeders is one thing, but actually trying to find local dog breeders that truly care for their animals can be a challenge.

Ask Your Veterinarian

A good and experienced veterinarian will likely have some information on a few local dog breeders in your area. Ask your vet, or his/her colleagues for any leads. If you don’t trust your veterinarian, then you’ll need to find a better vet first, for other reasons.

Ask Another Dog Owner

If you have dog owning friends, family members, neighbors or people you’ve seen around, particularly those with the breed that you want, ask them where they adopted their pets and if they can help you find local dog breeders in the area. It’s not unlikely that you’ll find friends or friends of friends that have dealt with dog breeders before.

Contact Local Dog Clubs

Pretty much every town and city of a good size has dog clubs and breeder clubs that you can contact and ask for information regarding that specific breed. These breed/dog clubs can be a great resource for you not only to find local dog breeders but also for other questions you may have regarding the breed after you’ve bough/adopted the dog.

Visit Local Dog Shows

Dog shows are full of purebred dogs and their owners. It’s very unlikely that most of those dogs are strays adopted from a shelter. Owners of these…

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