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Pets vs Landlords: How to Adopt a Dog If You’re Renting

Pets vs Landlords - How to Adopt a Dog If You're Renting
Pets vs Landlords – How to Adopt a Dog If You’re Renting

If you’re a renter and are now thinking about adopting a dog, one of the first obstacles you will come upon is dealing with your landlord. Unless the place you’re renting contractually allows pets or you have your own home, adopting a dog can be problematic in that way. This is an important thing to consider and it is best to find the solution before you get the dog.

Hide Your Dog?

Renting a place with a “no pets” policy can drive you to hide your new dog from your landlord, but that is a bad idea. Sooner or later the truth is bound to be revealed and you can either be evicted, ruin your renter score, and/or pay a large fine.

Hiding your dog is stressful, both for you and your dog. You will feel the constant need to shush your pooch and won’t be able to relax in your own home. Dogs are outgoing creatures and making them stay inside and hide is not fair to them. They need walks and bathroom breaks, which is hard to accomplish if you have to hide your Fido from your landlord and probably your neighbors.

Of course, hiding a dog from a landlord is not impossible, especially if you are thinking about getting a small dog. As few Reddit users suggested here, often the “no pets” sign actually means “no large dogs”. Small dog breeds or cats can often go unnoticed and even if you get caught, your landlord is less likely to take drastic measures like evicting you.

However, I would strongly advise against this course of action; it is better to be open with your landlord beforehand and see if you can change his mind about dogs, get some kind of a deal, or possibly start looking for a new place that allows dogs.

Pitching a Dog to Your Landlord

Talking with your landlord could be the best and simplest solution. Your landlord can be open to some dog breeds even if he has a “no pet” policy or he might be fine with a dog if other tenants don’t have a problem with having the animal around. And if he is reluctant to the idea, “persuade him otherwise”.

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