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Shed Hunting Dog Training: How to Train Your Pooch to Find Antlers

Shed Hunting Dog Training - How to Train Your Pooch for It
Shed Hunting Dog Training – How to Train Your Pooch for It

Shed hunting is a springtime search for shed deer antlers. Since deer shed their antlers from mid-January to mid-March, that’s the best time to start your shed hunting endeavors. A little help from your furry friend can go a long way to help you find antlers, but you must go through shed hunting dog training process first.

What Are the Best Shed Hunting Dogs?

If you’re already a dog owner, note that almost any canine dog can be trained for shed hunting. All they need is a good nose and some effort. However, certain shed hunting dog breeds are simply better at it than others and if you plan to get a pet specifically for shed hunting dog training, consider dogs from the following categories:

  • Retriever
  • Pointer
  • Spaniel
  • Setter

For a great shed hunting dog, temperament is the most important thing next to a good sense of smell. Calm, steady dogs will have a better chance of success, and the above mentioned types of dogs are known for these skills. As it normally goes, most hunting gun dog breeds will be the best specimen for shed hunting dog training. If you need a specific suggestion, pick one of these gun dog types.

How Long Does Shed Hunting Dog Training Take?

According to shed hunting dog training experts, this type of training usually lasts four to six weeks, but that will depend mostly on the frequency of the training.

It also depends on the age of your dog. If you have a puppy, it might take longer, especially since you need to play-train your puppy first. The training is never really over; you’ll have to continually reinforce the habit of shed hunting in your dog so he can stay in operating shape.

How to Train a Dog for Shed Hunting?

The key to successful shed hunting dog training is to take it slowly and be patient. Begin with small tasks in a controlled environment to increase your dog’s confidence. Follow your dog’s pace. If your dog isn’t obedient, start with the obedience training first or you won’t be able to teach him to shed hunt.

Generally, there are a few parts to shed hunting dog training:

Retrieving Basics

Start training your pooch indoors in order to eliminate any distractions and help your dog concentrate on the task. With…

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