4 millennial demands for dog and cat food brands

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Millennials demand four things from pet food companies, said Natasha Davis, client service manager for GfK and self-identified millennial, during her presentation at Petfood Forum 2018.

1. Convenience

“Now what it all boils down to with this group, me and my peers, is that we want convenience, millennials need to buy our pet food when we want it, when we need it,” Davis said.

2. Quality

“It’s not enough to just have natural on the package, but we want to make sure that the ingredients label supports that’s claim on the front,” she said.

3. Tranparency

“So we’ve all heard about clean label, making sure that you can identify what’s on the package, but also we want transparency from the manufacturers and brands that put the food out,” Davis said. “Many of us question the ethics or question how these businesses, how they function, how they work, is what you’re telling me true? Is it sustainably sourced or are you getting your food, your seafood from somewhere on the other side of the planet where people were not treated properly, where that whole combination was not done ethically. We want to know that.”

4. Value

“It’s got to come at a good price because we want the best bang for our buck,” she said.

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