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Old Dog’s Apology for Howling Wins the Internet’s Heart

Old Dog's Apology for Howling Wins The Internet's Heart
Old Dog’s Apology for Howling Wins The Internet’s Heart
Neighbors at a quiet apartment in Pennsylvania now know why they hear a horrific sound coming from the fifth floor, and they’re quite all right with it.

An old dog with cataract issues apologizes to his neighbors for his separation anxiety-related howls. Charleston Chew, an 11-year-old pug, recently moved into a new apartment in Pennsylvania with his owner, Sharla Wilson, and he’s still trying to get settled in.

But it’s harder for Charleston to get used to the changes in his new surroundings. His separation anxiety has increased because he would sometimes bump into walls and wouldn’t know where things are. To get help and the attention from his human, Charleston would out a loud howl, which Shara described as horrific, news reported. She even said that the noise sounded quite alien, too.

Sharla adopted the pug since he was a puppy and they have been best friends for over a decade. Last year, Charleston developed diabetes, which caused a complication in his eyes.

What Is A Cataract?

At least 75 percent of dogs with diabetes develop cataracts. The condition causes the lenses to cloud, thus affecting vision.

Cataracts develop quickly and could cause complete blindness within nine months. Dog owners can slow down the progression of cataracts in their dogs with diabetes with canine antioxidant supplements. In serious cases, an eye surgery might be necessary.

But cataracts may also develop due to poor diet or complications from…

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