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Review: PetPlate Dog Food Delivery Service (2018)

Preparing fresh food for your dog can be time consuming, and it’s difficult to create recipes that provide complete and balanced nutrition for your pet. The PetPlate Dog Food delivery service brings freshly cooked, ready to eat meals right to your dog. These meals are made with human-quality ingredients and specifically formulated for your dog’s needs.

Homemade dog food does have a lot of benefits for your pet – the biggest of which is the fact that it is much healthier for your dog’s entire body. If your dog is healthier, you’ll both be happier. Not to mention, your veterinary care expenses are sure to decrease.

PetPlate Dog Food
PetPlate Dog Food

Commercially made fresh dog food offers the health benefits of a homemade diet with the convenience of store bought food. PetPlate Dog Food takes it one step further with their delivery service. They deliver freshly cooked dog food right to your door.

No shopping, no deciphering recipe ingredients and nutritional content, and no worrying about portion control!

PetPlate Dog Food Delivery Service Review

PetPlate Dog Food
PetPlate Dog Food

As you can see in the photos above, this freshly cooked dog food comes in pre-portioned containers. The containers are small plastic bowls with airtight lids. Depending on your dog’s size, he will either eat an entire container per serving or half of a container per serving.

PetPlate Dog Food
PetPlate Dog Food

In the photo below, you can see that…

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