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Dog Prefers Strangers Over You? Don’t Worry, Experts Say

Dog Prefers Strangers Over You - Don't Worry, Experts Say
Dog Prefers Strangers Over You – Don’t Worry, Experts Say
Some dogs with loving owners still crave attention from strangers and experts break it down to explain the most important factor to this “odd” behavior – the dog’s owner.

Have you ever experienced your loyal dog completely forgetting about your existence when there’s a new person around? My 8-year-old terrier easily falls in love with our house guests. After meeting them for the first time, she would beg for a cuddle with her puppy-dog eyes even when I’m sitting just a few feet away.

“In new places or during moments of discomfort, dogs can be inclined to seek out their owners. When comfortable, dogs are more likely to interact with unfamiliar people.”

While it’s strange to think that your best friend could actually prefer a new person, animal experts said this shameless display of behavior is not a surprise at all.

You Had Me At Hello…

According to a new study published in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, at least 70 percent of dogs show behavior that seems to imply they prefer new people to their owners. Loyal dogs with loving masters apparently take to strangers easily and the magic happens within 10 minutes of meeting for the first time.

This doesn’t mean, however, that dogs actually prefer people they have just met you. Before you start feeling bad about your best friend’s “betrayal,” the reason behind their behavior is apparently not because of disloyalty. In fact, the study underscored that your presence is a factor to their friendliness towards strangers.

Owners Vs. Strangers: Which Do Dogs…

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