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How To Read a Dog Food Label

Choosing a food for your dog can be overwhelming. It doesn’t help when there are thousands of words used to describe a dog food that may be “meaningless” when it comes to practical information. This is why learning how to read a dog food label is so important.

dog food label


Look at the words on the front of the package. While marketers use a lot of different words, some of the more common are “gourmet,” “natural,” “functional,” and “farm-fresh.”

While not necessarily bad, it’s just important to note that none of these terms have legal definitions, so they could essentially mean anything.

While we hope “farm-fresh” food really comes straight from a farm, we don’t know for sure. While we hope that “natural” is a nice, generic term meaning “coming from nature,” we also know that things like mercury and arsenic are also one-hundred percent natural!

dog food label
None of these things mean that food is bad or dangerous. It just means you need to do more research.

You’ll also see a lot of other words on packages, like “human-grade,” “holistic,” “premium,” “allergen-free.” None of these ingredients are legally defined and therefore have no meaning. Marketers…

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