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104-year-old Man Who Adopted Senior Dog Shares His Secret to Long Life

104-year-old Man Who Adopted Senior Dog Shares His Secret to Long Life
Photo: Lionel’s Legacy / Facebook
Milt Lessner and his senior dog Layla have been each other’s companion since 2016 and they’re still enjoying life and good health.

A 104-year-old man, who has been a dog lover since he was a child, knows the secret to long life. Milt Lessner, a retired psychiatrist, shares a special bond with a senior dog named Layla, whom he adopted a few years back, and they have been living a healthy life together since.

Speaking with the BBC, Lessner said that the shared affection he has with Layla is the reason for both their good health. They enjoy bonding with each other so much that the old man believes it’s the reason he and Layla are still alive.

Perfect Calming Companions

Lessner, a widower for several years now, had pets all his life. He used to bring his dogs to work to help his patients relax and calm down. He described dogs as the perfect calming companions. Suffice to say, Lessner knows how to care for furry canines and has been an excellent and experienced dog owner. But when the old man sought to adopt a new canine to live with him, shelters turned him down several times.

Most shelters have a rule against putting rescue dogs in senior people’s homes. Understandably, it’s a huge concern since caring for dogs can be a strenuous task for a man his age. Besides,…

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