Video shows woman berating Latino man, calling Mexicans “rapists, animals, drug dealers”

Esteban Guzman was verbally attacked by a woman who called Mexicans rapists, animals and drug dealers.

A California woman was caught on video berating a Latino man and his mother, calling them “rapists” and “animals,” and later defending her remarks because “President Trump says so.” Esteban Guzman, 27, was doing construction work Saturday when the incident took place.

The confrontation in the now-viral video started after some debris landed on the woman’s yard in Lake Arrowhead, CBS Los Angeles reports.

A friend, Esteban Guzman sent me this video of a racist white woman harassing him while out working with his mom.

“Why do you hate us?””Because you’re Mexicans.””We are honest people right here!””Haha..yeah.. rapists & animals.”

Trump supporters always reveal themselves 1/2

— therealkenidrawoods (@KenidraRWoods_) June 25, 2018

“I don’t know why you hate us,” Guzman said as the woman holds up her middle finger at him. “Why do you hate us — because we’re Mexicans?”

“Yes,” she replies.

When he said they are “honest people” she laughs and says, “Yeah, rapists — and animals.”

Guzman then asks how many people has he raped and how many drugs has he dealt.

“Even the president…

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