Man attacked by dog describes what happened before officer shot it

CINCINNATI – A Clifton Heights man says he got 40 bites from a dog attack that also saw a woman injured when a police officer fired a shotgun and killed it.

Cincinnati police say they are investigating this as an officer-involved shooting since one shotgun pellet hit the woman in the leg, according to police.

Andrew Marko told WCPO he was “shocked” the dog, named Sparky, attacked him because it was owned by a friend and had never bothered him.

“I was like, ‘Why are you biting me? I fed you. I walked you,’” said Marko, whose arms were heavily bandaged from his wrists to his elbows.

“It was a relatively pleasant dog for almost a year.”

Marko said the dog’s owner got upset when they got into an argument over finances. Marko guessed that might have set off the dog.

“(She) was arguing about finances and things like that. Got very ratcheted up. The dog didn’t like that,” Marko said. “I don’t know why, I guess it was protecting her. He’s with her the most. It…

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