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13 Tips on How to Store Dog Food Properly [Infographic]

You can research, choose and buy the best food that’s healthy for your pooch, but if you don’t know how to dog food properly to keep it fresh, everything else is pointless. Safely storing your pet’s food is essential to avoid contamination, mold, spoilage and generally have it last longer thus saving you some money.

Dry food and wet food will need to be stored differently. Obviously, dry kibble is much easier to keep for longer either using original bags or better yet, dog food storage containers. Wet food won’t last as long and is likely to take up space in your fridge or freezer. Regardless of what food you buy, here are effective tips on how to store dog food properly to ensure it lasts longer and is always fresh and enticing for your Fido.

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How to Store Dog Food Properly

1. Check packaging details before buying.

  • Check the expiration date before you buy dog food.
  • Verify that the package is not damaged.
  • Check the security seals to detect any previous exposure.

2. You can leave DRY FOOD in its original bag.

  • While dog food storage is more convenient, you can still store in the bag.
  • Kibble bags contain a fat barrier to keep it fresh.
  • You can keep it in the freezer if stored longer than a few months.
  • Seal it properly and air tight with a clip.

3. Keep your WET FOOD in the fridge after it was opened.

  • Don’t let wet dog food sit more than 4 hours in your pet’s dish.
  • Don’t freeze wet food – this can change its taste or degrade it.
  • Best to store in a tight sealed container to avoid leakage or bad smell.

4. Don’t throw the original bags.

  • The batch code is important in case your pet has a bad reaction to the food.
  • You will also need the product’s SKU/barcode to purchase another one.

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