Secrets of the Snout: The Dog’s Incredible Nose

A dog with black truffles
A dog with black truffles
Secrets of the Snout: The Dog’s Incredible Nose Hardcover – April 13, 2018 by Frank Rosell (Author), Marc Bekoff (Foreword)

This is a fascinating and encyclopedic look at dogs’ amazing scent abilities. Dogs have 125 to 300 million olfactory cells (compared to our measly 5 million), and 33 percent of their brain is dedicated to interpreting odors. No wonder we call upon their noses to help us locate, detect, track and dig up some extraordinary information. Rosell introduces us to a canine cast of ace sniffers: dogs who can detect when cows are in heat; roundworm in sheep; mites (a potentially fatal skin disease) on chamois in the Italian Alps; and if a zoo’s polar bears are pregnant before they go into hibernation. Then there are the Labs: one in Australia who can detect a bacterial disease in beehives and those who’ve been helping track down Burmese pythons in Florida’s Everglades since 2010. The impressive list of canine scenting accomplishments goes on, and makes for an engrossing and enjoyable story.

Excerpt: A Nose for Truffles

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