Dog’s crate becomes its coffin as Chihuahua left to die in Brockton heat

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The dog, a Chihuahua mix believed to be about a year old, was found in a carrier outside a Brockton shelter in 80-degree temperatures. It was rushed to a local animal hospital, but died of heat stroke. Police are now offering a reward.

BROCKTON — Joyce Caranci was walking shelter dogs with two fellow staff members Tuesday morning when she noticed something unusual in the bushes.

As she got closer, it became clear — that object was a plastic dog crate on the road leading into the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Her worst fear was quickly confirmed — a dog, a young Chihuahua mix, was inside the crate, which was sitting under the sun in 80-degree temperatures.

“When I put my hand in the crate, it was hot. Not warm, dog hot. But hot, I-don’t-want-to-touch-it hot,” she told The Enterprise. “She was already unconscious and foaming at the mouth, but I felt a heartbeat.”

Caranci quickly took the dog out of the crate, ran inside to get an ice pack and hopped into her car to bring the Chihuahua to the Animal Lloyd Medical Center in Stoughton.

“I grabbed an ice pack quickly, just figuring I’d give her some relief, knowing that it was too late, but trying,” she said. “I brought her over there, I had her in my lap, and partway there, I couldn’t feel a heartbeat anymore.”

The Law Enforcement Department for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Angell Animal Medical Center is now offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to a conviction of the person who left the dog there.

A veterinarian at the Stoughton animal hospital checked the dog’s temperature, which registered 110 degrees, the…

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