Man claims DA investigators killed his dog, urinated near fence

MERCED COUNTY, California —

A California man is furious after investigators with the District Attorney’s Office shot and killed his beloved dog on his property and one then urinated near his fence.

The bloodstains are gone, but 61-year-old George Aguaristi can’t stop replaying that horrifying moment.

His property is filled with signs, warning visitors about his dog Samson.

But it wasn’t enough, to save his pit bull from being shot and killed by those sworn to protect them.

“I went in shock; I was just like ‘my son? What?’ He said, ‘Yeah, we had to put him down. He was aggressive.'”

The heartbreak happened back in May.

Aguaristi says he was home sleeping and woke up to find Samson missing.

He called a phone number left on his front door by the District…

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