Actress Lisa Linke Adds Rescue Dog Mom to Her Resume

Lisa's comedic talent is on full display with the in-your-face stylings of dog trainer Waggy Lee. Photography ©Craig Tovey.

The drive to Hollywood is often a solitary one for a performer with a car full of boxes and a head full of ideas. For actress Lisa Linke, though, the journey from Chicago to Los Angeles was anything but lonely. She definitely had a head full of ideas, but she also had her two rescue dogs, Wrigley and Zoey, along for the ride.

“They got to go to the Grand Canyon, they got to stay in hotels, we got to do this road trip,” says Lisa, known for her appearances on NBC’s This Is Us, ABC’s Modern Family and the Netflix series LOVE.

Wrigley and Zoey helped Lisa make that major life transition, but years earlier, Lisa helped each of them transition from rescue dogs to beloved family members.

How Lisa’s two rescue dogs became a part of her comedy career

Lisa Linke with her dog's Wrigley and Zoey. Photography Courtesy Lisa Linke.
Lisa Linke with her dogs Wrigley and Zoey. Photography Courtesy Lisa Linke.

Wrigley, now 14, came first. A Shepherd mix who looks like a Carolina Dog, he was in Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society shelter when Lisa came in. “When it was time to put him back in his crate, he kind of leaned up against me,” she remembers, adding that she knew he was the one.

For several years Wrigley and Lisa were a duo, but one cold February day, Lisa’s neighbor found a stray. Since he already had a dog, children and a baby on the way, he asked Lisa if she was looking for a second dog. “And I said ‘Absolutely not’,” she recalls. “He said ‘I’m trying to take her to the shelters, but they’re full.’”

Unable to turn away from a dog in need, Lisa told her neighbour her father…

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