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How To Teach Your Dog “Go To Your Bed”

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How To Teach Your Dog “Go To Your Bed”

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I know what you’re thinking: You say “Go To Your Bed” and your dog bee lines for the master bedroom and jumps up onto the King sized bed with the 1500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and starts burrowing into the most comfortable position between two pillows…those aren’t pillows. (sorry, it’s a line from a movie. Can you guess what movie?)

Well, maybe…but that’s not what we’re here to teach you today.

We’re going to tell (in words) then show (with video) you how to teach your dog “Go To Your Bed” and today “Your Bed” refers to the Carlson Portable Dog Cot. Yep, the same one Charlie helped us review a few months back.

The Carlson Portable Dog Cot

The Carlson Portable Dog Cot also known as the Carlson Portable Pup Pet Bed is a very cool, easily transportable, elevated dog bed. We’re not adventure dogs, but we do see all the possibilities available for the outdoor doggy who likes to backpack, hike, and camp.

We haven’t been camping with the dogs in years and probably won’t in the foreseeable future since we have twins (human, not doggy) due any day now, but I can foresee us using our Carlson Portable Dog Cot when we go to the park with our fellow guide dog puppy raisers.

So, what are our plans for our Carlson Portable Dog Cot?

We want to use our new dog cot to help redirect some of our Raven’s unwanted behaviors and we’ll do that by teaching the cue: “Go To Your Bed”.

I think I dropped a treat. It still counts I'm staying on my bed :)
I think I dropped a treat. It still counts I’m staying on my bed

Why Teach Your Dog “Go To Your Bed”?

While there are many reasons to teach your dog a cue like “Go To Your Bed” I have a top 3 I plan on using with my dog, Raven.

#1. Stop Barking

Raven has a habit of barking at the front door when she hears or see’s people, hears the doorbell, or see’s a ga-ga-ga-ghost!

Not really a ghost we just sometimes think she hears or sees things that aren’t really there. Or maybe she has the sixth sense!

Honestly, we don’t mind the barking, but a “Hey Dad, there’s something at the door” is good enough for me rather then the…

“Hey Dad! Hey Dad! Hey Dad! Hey Dad! Hey Dad! Hey Dad! Hey Dad! Hey Dad!” – I get it Raven there’s something at the door.

Our solutions is to redirect Raven’s behavior by using the cue “Go To Your Bed” instead of enduring the continual barking.

#2. Stop Jumping Up

So, I heard that some people don’t like dogs…WHAT!? And said people really don’t like dogs jumping up, kissing, and hugging when they walk through the front door…WHAT!?

Guess, what?

I have a solution. We’re going to give Raven the cue “Go To Your Bed” when guests come over so she can settle on her Carlson Portable Dog Cot while guests (especially the non-dog loving type) can come through the front door without getting doggy love.

#3. Stop Eating Food Off…

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