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Do Rescue Dogs Have Memories Of Their Past?

Do Rescue Dogs Have Memories Of Their Past
It’s a question that many experts, animal behaviorists, and psychologists have been debating on for decades.

Do you own a rescue dog? Have you ever wondered if your forever pet remembers the first time you met? Do you think he can recall a part of his former life before the adoption?

“Dogs are among the few species that people consider ‘clever,’ and yet we are still surprised whenever a study reveals that dogs and their owners may share some mental abilities despite our distant evolutionary relationship.”

Some animal experts believe that dogs, while smart, don’t have the capacity to retain such memory as they don’t remember yesterday’s events or plan what to do in the future. This memory ability is one of the many things that set humans apart from their furry best friends.

But if dogs cannot recall what they did yesterday, then how come they can retain what they have learned from a basic obedience training? What memories do they tap when they recognize commands like “sit” or “stay”?

Episodic Memory vs. Semantic Memory in Dogs

Episodic memory is when the brain recalls past experiences and special events that are like movies in a human’s head. Semantic memory, on the other hand, is what the brain relies on when preparing for tests or studying a new language.

However, episodic memory fades faster than semantic memory, hence there are some events in your childhood that you might no longer recall. Many experts argue that dogs’ episodic memory disappears even faster than humans or could be non-existent, so they are not…

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