This Pet-Friendly Restaurant Is a Treat for Dogs and Humans

MUTTS dog restaurant FTR

(MUTTS Canine Cantina)

Our family recently moved to a new town, and one of the best ways to meet people when you move to a new place is having dogs to walk. You’re bound to find folks who want to stop and pet your dogs—and talk to you, the human. It’s how I made friends in my old town, and I’m confident it’s how I’ll start to build friendships in my new town.

There’s another great way to meet fellow dog lovers: yappy hour, a happy hour that includes dogs.

Where we live now, a local brewery (with a restaurant on Main Street) holds a Friday yappy hour at its brewing facility on the other side of town. Unlike the restaurant, where food is served and therefore canines can’t be inside, the brewing facility has an indoor and outdoor space where everyone is welcome.

The concept of yappy hour isn’t new. There were bars in New Jersey, where we used to live, that had them throughout the summer. What is new, though, is the concept of a franchise specifically for dogs and their owners.

Recently, Restaurant News had an article about MUTTS Canine Cantina, which it described as “a unique urban oasis for dogs and their owners.” Started in Dallas, Texas, and expanding to nearby Forth Worth, MUTTS has since received more than 60 inquiries from dog-loving entrepreneurs who are interested in acquiring a MUTTS franchise.

What’s interesting about the MUTTS concept is it isn’t just…

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