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Prevention Is Key: Keeping Your Dog And Others Safe from Dog Bites

You know your dog better than anyone else. With just a look they can tell you when you are late with providing dinner, when it’s time for a potty break, and you can recognize the difference between a playful bark and a protective one.

dog bites

You spend the majority of your day with your canine companion and hope to bring as much happiness into their life as they do to yours. You love your pet and hope that all that come in contact with your adorable pup feel the same way.

So when it comes to the unpleasant topic of dog bite accidents, no owner wants to think of their pet as being a capable of such a thing.

While uncomfortable, it is something all pet owners should educate themselves on because prevention is key is ensuring you, your dog, and all those you come in contact with are safe and happy.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, 36.5% of American households owned a dog in 2012, making them the most popular pet in the country. The popularity of dogs is no secret. It is difficult to go a day without seeing an adorable pooch whether that is in person or while you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. This popularity can sometimes work against our faithful companions, by allowing them to be put into positions that make them uncomfortable and ultimately risk their safety and the safety of others around them.

Preventing a bite is far easier than dealing with the aftermath of one, so discover some simple ways to significantly reduce the risk of one occurring.

dog bites
Use Your Knowledge

No one knows your dog’s personality as well as you do. Does Spike tend to get upset around large crowds or cower when he hears certain sounds? A large number of dog bites occur because a…

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