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PROJECT: Service Dog in Training

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Project: Service Dog in Training

Welcome to PROJECT: Service Dog in Training – Chronicling the journey of one puppy prodigy from birth to working Service Dog.

We’re not going to have a new puppy until ohh…about February 2019 when Raven has her next litter. So, why are we talking about this now?

If you’re planning to get a puppy it shouldn’t be an impulse decision nor should it be something you take lightly.

Before we brought home Linus back on January 7th, 2005 I did a ton of research reading books and magazines, talking to friends and family, and yes, I even consulted my good friend Mr. Google.

For many years I’ve wanted to be the definitive resource for anyone getting a new puppy…with a little twist.

While some people may just want to learn the basics of training a puppy I’ve had many others ask me what can they do to raise and train their puppy like a Service Dog.

That’s where this website is different. We don’t want to teach your puppy to be good. We want your puppy to be GREAT!!!

Bear a Service Dog in Training
Bear a Service Dog in Training

Just a couple days ago we received this email from one of our readers:

“I have been so interested in dog training the last few years, particularly in the training aspect of raising a service dog, but fortunately, never really needed an actual service dog. I’ve been scouring the web for advise and guidance because I am hopefully going to raise a new puppy (just a family pet) next year but cannot find such information besides the usual obedience training books. Many of them are very helpful, but I’m curious to know what an actual puppy raiser would do. And what they would do differently. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all pet dogs be raised the same way and grow up to be as well mannered as service dogs?!” –B.E.

Your puppy doesn’t have to be a Service Dog to act like one and most of the things we do with our SDiT (Service Dog in Training) are not difficult and are fun activities that help you build a better relationship with your dog.

All that being said what exactly is PROJECT: Service Dog in Training?

PROJECT: Service Dog in Training

PROJECT: Service Dog in Training…

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