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Just Like Lassie! Empathetic Dogs Rush to Help Their Distressed Humans

Empathetic Dogs Rush to Help Their Distressed Humans
Dogs who are calmer and who have stronger ties to their humans are more likely to successfully rescue the owners if they are in trouble, a new study finds.

There’s now a concrete scientific proof that pet dogs can be empathic real-life heroes for their humans. Just like Lassie, the famous TV dog that always rescued his family in times of trouble, dogs apparently know when their owners are struggling and will rush to help if their humans are distressed.

“This study provides evidence that dogs not only feel empathy towards people, but in some cases also act on this empathy.”

It’s not unusual to hear dog owners claim that their pets seem to know they need comforting or help. How many times have you heard fur parents say if their dogs hear them owners cry or sense they are sad, the pooches sit beside them or lick their face? To non-dog owners, this might sound unrealistic but experts from Johns Hopkins University found an evidence of truth to this claim. This new study was published in Learning & Behavior journal.

Dogs To The Rescue

For this experiment, the researchers studied 34 dogs, which included breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, with their owners. The humans were asked to sit in a part of the room that remained visible to the dogs through a clear door. Magnets held this door together so that it…

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