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5 Oils That are Good for Your Dog

Have you ever noticed that your dog’s fur isn’t as lustrous as some other dogs’ fur is? It seems dull and maybe there’s dandruff falling from your Fido’s coat as they scratch an itchy spot. Then, you start to notice those itchy spots are everywhere. Your see your dog’s overall appearance to be less than optimal: nails are brittle, breaking, and cracking with ease; joints are a bit creakier than usual, maybe your dog isn’t jumping as high for the ball as they normally would.

The truth is that expensive dog food, exercise, and grooming alone isn’t enough to maintain your dog’s physical health, veterinarians say. Like us, our pets need to have access to additional supplements, preferably provided by nature rather than artificially manufactured. Oils that contain healthy fats such as Omega-3’s and Biotin keeps them feeling good inside and looking great outside. So here are some of the oils good for dogs.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is by far one of the most popular and effective oils available for your dog since it can be applied in so many different ways and has proven benefits. A “medium-chain-triglyceride” called lauric acid makes up more than half of the fatty acids found in coconut oil. Lauric acid improves digestion and contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that help to destroy destructive pathogens, which is why you’ll see it in holistic treatments and pet treats so often.

If you’re just starting to feed your dog coconut oil for the first time, ease into the process with 1 to 2 teaspoons and mix it in with their food, then gradually increase to about a tablespoon for every 30 pounds. Although consuming and digesting coconut oil is the most effective way to reap its benefits, your dog doesn’t have to eat it! If you scoop out pea-sized amount and rub it into your dog’s fur, deep down to reach the skin, coconut oil can serve as a topical treatment for dandruff and dryness as well.

Fish Oil

When given with the proper dosage, fish oil is a universal treatment for more than just your dog’s hair and skin. While there isn’t enough evidence to prove that it can reverse cancer or lessen the effects, studies have shown that fish oil can in fact prevent and slow the growth of abnormal cells, which is just one of the hundreds of fish oil benefits.

Studies show that unaltered female dogs are more likely to develop breast cancer around age 7 or 8, so if you…

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