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Runaway Dog Overwhelmed With Joy After Reuniting With Owner

Runaway Dog Overwhelmed With Joy After Reuniting With Owner
Daisy and Joyce had a happy reunion but some won’t be so lucky. So do you know what’s the best way to prevent your dog from running away?

Lyn Crawford works at Mississippi’s Jackson Friends Animal Shelter. She recently witnessed a heart-warming and unforgettable reunion between a lost dog and its owner.

The rescue group that Lyn belongs to normally puts shelter dogs up for adoption. These dogs are sent to them from the local animal control unit if they are retrieved from the streets.

An Unusual Request

However, Lyn received a call one day with an unusual request. A woman named Joyce sought the help of the shelter to find her dog, which escaped the backyard. It’s been months since Joyce lost Daisy and turning to Lyn was her last resort.

Photo: Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter

Joyce sent Lyn a photo of Daisy with the hope that the shelter worker would be able to help. Lyn tapped into her resources and showed them photos of the dog but unfortunately, even her network had no clue about Daisy. They didn’t have any leads for a couple of weeks.

A Happy Ending

Back at the Jackson Friends Animal Shelter, a dog set for adoption was brought out from the cages to be photographed. One of the volunteers noticed that she looked so much like Joyce’s dog. But Lyn and her fellow workers could not be certain because she looks different from the photos Joyce sent. The pooch looked so scared and confused.

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