Trucker Drives School Bus Into Floods to Rescue Dogs & Cats Left Behind

A dog-loving truck driver bought an old yellow school bus, wrote Emergency Animal Rescue Shelter on the side, and headed straight into areas ravaged by Hurricane Florence to rescue dogs and cats stranded in the Carolinas by record-breaking floods.

school bus
Truck driver, Tony Alsup, bought an old yellow school bus especially for rescuing animals impacted by hurricanes and other disasters. Image: Tony Alsup/Facebook

Tony Alsup, a 51-year-old truck driver from Greenback, Tennessee, first started rescuing animals after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas coast last year.

Watching the news, he was profoundly affected by story after story of dogs stranded in rising floodwaters and area shelters overcrowded with dogs abandoned by their families. Tony wanted to help transport animals to other shelters around the country, but knew he couldn’t move dogs and cats inside his 18-wheeled semi-truck. So, he spent $3,200 on an old yellow school bus and…

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