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Wondering If A RoboVac Is For You? Eufy RoboVac [REVIEW]

I have never owned a robotic vacuum, but was always curious about them. Having heard mixed reviews, I wanted to try one out for myself. With prices near the one thousand dollar mark for top of the line versions, I was reluctant to pull the trigger.

Enter the Eufy. The Eufy is a moderately priced ($200-$400) robotic vacuum that does the job quite well.

Having mostly hardwood floors and two dogs, (one that sheds excessively,) a robot that will clean up on a pre-set schedule, is a homemaker’s dream. Mine is set to run at midnight. It is so satisfying to wake up in the morning and empty the Eufy dust compartment. You would not believe how much dust collects in the course of 24 hours!

My daughter, who suffers from allergies has shown quite an improvement. One thing I truly adore is its ability to reach under beds and get dust bunnies out of there.

It is super simple to use and we had it out of the box and charging within minutes.


Make sure all cords and cables are out of the way and off the floor before use. The Eufy even comes with cable tie wraps to help keep your cords and cables from dangling to the floor.

If your vacuum does get tangled in a cord, it’s super easy to pull the cord right out, but could cause damage to the cable.

Area rugs:

  • Most area rugs the Eufy will glide right over.
  • My bath mats have no problem at all. (Sometimes a corner will be turned up, that’s about it.)
  • Daughter has a shag rug in her bedroom that Eufy has gotten tangled in a few times.
Bath Mats – rolls right over.
Shag Rug – can get snagged.

There is a small amount of trial and error.

  • Make sure cords are off the ground which is probably a good idea anyway.
  • Roll up small shag rugs. Another option is to close the door and Eufy will just skip that room entirely.

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