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15 Dog Safety Tips for Halloween

With Halloween a few weeks away, every pet parent should keep these Halloween hazards in mind so that this fun night won’t be ruined for anyone, including the dog.

Halloween is an enjoyable and festive time for families. But if you have a pet dog, next to July 4th this night might become the second scariest time of your dog’s life. Here are 15 dog safety tips to apply for Halloween to keep your pups calm, safe and secure.

1. Identification


There’s going to be plenty of action and commotion happening on the night. In case your dog slips out of the house or gets away from his leash when on an evening Halloween walk, make sure that your pup has a proper ID tag with your name and contact number to appease your worries. Or, better yet, get your dog microchipped or update the details of this chip in the system a few days before Halloween.

2. Exercise

Hyperactive and energetic dogs are more likely to get stressed over the sounds and actions going on during festivities. Give your dog enough exercise time during the day so that he won’t get restless, unusually active and curious about the sights and sounds from the people celebrating Halloween at night. Proper playtime and good exercise routine will help him to keep calm. If he’s had a good day at the park, he might be too tired and sleep the night off.

3. Dress Rehearsal

Will your dog be joining the Halloween celebration? It’s better to do a practice run a few nights before Halloween to see how his dog Halloween costume works. A good pet costume should not obstruct your dog’s sight or ability to breathe and move. Or, it might be better to ditch the whole costume idea altogether since dogs aren’t exactly fond of dressing up, according to animal behaviorist Alexandra Horowitz via the New York Times.

4. Treats

There’s going to be plenty of goodies that dogs may want to consume but shouldn’t. Bring some dog-friendly and healthy treats with you if you’re trick or treating with your furry best friend. This way your four-legged Halloween sidekick is less likely to accidentally eat the candies that kids sometimes drop on the ground. Keep a sharp eye on those too and make sure your dog never consumes things he’s not supposed to.

5. Leash

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All the commotion can be distressing for your pooch. Keep the dog on a short leash at all times when you’re out for your Halloween walk. He has to be close to you so that you can easily swoop him up if there are too…

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