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This New Jersey Community Came Together to Rescue Pit Bull Stranded in Waterfall

This New Jersey Community Came Together to Rescue Pit Bull Stranded in Waterfall
Photo: Frannie D’Annunzio
The Paterson police, firefighters and animal control units successfully retrieved the Pit Bull dog trapped by the 75-foot waterfall.

A community in New Jersey launched a daring rescue to save one dog. Stuck and stranded under the Paterson Great Falls was a lone 70-pound pit bull, roughly three years old.

A couple visiting the national park that Sunday afternoon spotted the frightened and anxious dog standing on the ledge near the gushing water. Worried for his safety, they called the police for assistance and described the situation.

The authorities also tapped the help of the Paterson Fire Department, knowing that this rescue was going to need the proper equipment. The police also alerted the Paterson Animal Control unit.

One Chance to Save the Dog

Hard rain hit this North Jersey town the night before. Locals know that water levels around the falls usually rise during the rainy weathers. It’s unclear, however, how the pit bull found its way on the ledge but it was apparent to the rescuers that they couldn’t retrieve the dog by boat because the torrent around the falls was still not calm.

Fireman Capt. Scott Parkin knew that the only way to pick up the pit bull was to rappel down the fall from the bridge. Incidentally, Paterson Great Falls measured at least 75 feet high, one of the highest waterfalls in New Jersey.

It took a while…

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