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Review: K9 Sport Sack Dog Backpacks – AIR, AIR PLUS and Flex (2018)

If you have a small breed dog, it’s likely that you have to carry him around from time to time. Sometimes it is just for short trips out to the car, but sometimes it’s nice to carry your pet around with you when you go on adventures. Dog carriers and dog backpacks, like the K9 Sport Sack models, make it easy to bring your pooch with you wherever you go.

Backpacks are much easier to carry than dog carriers that you have lug by hand. Many owners find them to be more convenient and comfortable than carrier slings. No matter which type of carrier you use, it needs to be comfortable for you and your pup.

When it comes to choosing a dog backpack carrier, you also need to think about your physical abilities. How much does your dog weigh? Will you be comfortable carrying that much weight on your back during a walk or hike?

K9 Sport Sack has developed 3 different models of doggy backpacks. I have tried all three. Being an avid adventurer, I have used many dog carrier backpacks over the years, including the original design from this company. In this review, I’m listing the pros and cons of each of these models to help you choose which one may be the best choice for you and your pet.

K9 Sport Sack Dog Backpacks Review
AIR, AIR PLUS and Flex

We adopted a Beagle/Cocker Spaniel mix a couple of years ago. We love to go hiking with our dogs, but I was worried when we got Molly. She is the first small breed we’ve ever had, and I didn’t know if she would be able to keep up on all of our adventures.

It wasn’t long before I realized that her little legs would definitely hold her back from doing some of the things that our Labrador can. I also noticed that Molly gets tired more quickly than our Lab, Saddie.

It wouldn’t be fair to take Saddie along and leave little Molly home alone. Enter the doggy backpack. Having a backpack carrier for her has given us the option of bringing her along on some tough hikes that she wouldn’t have been able to do on her own.

I felt a little foolish the first couple of times I used a doggy backpack, but the more I used one, the more comfortable I became. And, as you will see in my video review above, Molly feels the same way. She loves riding along in the pack and enjoys being up higher where she can look out at her surroundings.

The Similarities

This doggy backpack carrier is made with a lightweight, water resistant canvas material. When we’re hiking with our dogs, I usually let Molly walk by herself for a bit and then when she gets tired or the terrain gets too difficult for her I put her in the K9 Sport Sack.

You can roll up the AIR and AIR PLUS models easily, so they can fit inside your hiking pack and are ideal for traveling.

The shoulder and chest straps adjust easily, and these packs are all very comfortable to wear – even…

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