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Could the Color of Your Dog’s Fur Affect How Long They Live?

Could the color of your dog’s fur affect his lifespan? A new study by The University of Sydney found a relationship between coat color and both lifespan and prevalence of health issues.


A study by Australian researchers sought to compare the life expectancy and health issues among Labrador retrievers, one of the most popular dog breeds across the world, to determine if there existed a relationship between fur color and health.

What they found was quite surprising!

Researchers compared the veterinary health records of 33,000 Labradors in the UK across the three common coat colors, yellow, black, and chocolate. Through the study, they found that Chocolate Labs have significantly shorter life spans, as well as a higher prevalence of inflammation, skin, and ear problems than Yellow and Black Labs.

The average lifespan of both Yellow and Black Labs was…

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