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Our Secret Weapons to Tackle Pet Odors

Dog pee accident
1. If your pet is having accidents, find out why.

Accidents are one way to make your home smell really bad, really fast. There are a multitude of reasons why your pet could be going potty indoors or missing the litterbox. To rule out any medical issues, take your animal to the veterinarian. If a health issue doesn’t turn out to be the problem, then it’s time to put on your detective hat.

Cat owners: Your feline’s litterbox conditions might not be up to par. You might not have enough boxes, or perhaps you’re not scooping it out as often as your feline would like. Stress could be causing problems, too. Did you move recently or bring home a new pet? Our veterinary behaviorist offers several reasons your kitty might be eliminating in inappropriate places.

Dog owners: Your canine might have some kind of anxiety, such as separation anxiety or a noise phobia. Ask your veterinarian to help identify the cause of the problem. She may refer you to a veterinary behaviorist. If anxiety isn’t the culprit, the issue might be that he smells odors from past accidents and thinks your home is a perfectly acceptable bathroom. This is where the upcoming steps in this photo gallery will be very helpful.

This may sound like an obvious tip, but the longer you let pet waste linger, the worse it’s going to smell — and the harder it will be to make the odor go away. This doesn’t mean you have to hover by the litterbox, but it does mean you need to get into the habit of cleaning out the litterbox regularly — which could mean multiple times per day, depending on how many cats you have. If you let your…


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