Photos: Pets, owners reunited following deadly and destructive Camp Fire

The Camp Fire, the most deadly and destructive wildfire in California history, has destroyed hundreds of homes, put thousands of lives at risk and separated pets from their owners.

People have been using social media to look for and share images of their lost animals in hopes of finding them, and it’s working.

(Image via Jock Hamilton)

The cats above are currently under care at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Some of them have been claimed by their owners, but there are still many waiting to find their owner.

Laci Ping is one of the owners who found out her cat Mayson was safe in the care of UC Davis.

Ping was packing up all of her animals to flee the fire when her light Tabby male escaped his cage.

“I had him in his cat carrier cage loaded in the car ready to go, but a propane tank at the house behind us exploded scaring him and everyone else. He is super small so he ended up scooting the bottom tray aside and slipping sideways through the bars,” Ping said.

“When he got out, all of my neighbors heard me scream bloody murder ‘NO, MY BABY! NOOOOO!’ We couldn’t go after him; he kept running,” Ping said.

Ping said she was standing…

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