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Review: Up Country Tweed Dog Coat (2018)

Is your dog’s fur coat enough protection from the cold winter winds? Perhaps, but small breeds and dogs with a thin coat may need an extra layer when it’s cold or rainy outside. Canine jackets aren’t just an accessory to make Fido look cute. Higher quality dog jackets, like the Up Country Tweed Dog Coat, will keep your pet warm and dry when the weather isn’t ideal.

Up Country Tweed Dog Coat
Up Country Tweed Dog Coat

Not all dogs should be made to wear a jacket. Breeds with a thick coat don’t need the extra layer. While their coat is a factor, a dog’s age, breed and size also play a part in their ability to keep themselves warm. Small dogs, senior pets and pups with thin or no fur may get too cold after spending just a few minutes outside in the winter.

Pet owners who have tried the Up Country Tweed Dog Coat say that it is easy to put on and comfortable for their pets to wear. I wanted to check this doggy jacket out for myself to see if it was worth the cost. Keep reading to find out if our Beagle, Molly, enjoyed wearing this coat.

Up Country Tweed Dog Coat Review

Up Country Tweed Dog Coat
Up Country Tweed Dog Coat

How adorable is Molly in her Up Country Tweed Dog Coat? We’ve had many compliments on the beautiful aesthetic appearance of this jacket. However, looks aren’t everything, but I do love the way this…

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