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Dogs and Vitamins: What to Give and What to Avoid

Dogs and Vitamins - What to Give and What To Avoid
Dogs and Vitamins – What to Give and What To Avoid
Giving dogs vitamins is a highly debatable subject for many pet owners, and they aren’t the only ones – veterinarians are also divided on the topic.

If you believe your pooch to be deficient in vitamins, should you supplement their diet with additional vitamins in pill form? It’s a simple question that doesn’t have a simple answer. Many veterinarians can’t also give a clear yes or no for this question because dogs have different nutritional needs that we haven’t yet studied well enough.

Some vets might tell dog owners that consistently feeding a pet properly balanced diet is enough. Unless the dog has been sick and weak, or is recovering after surgery or serious illness, or has been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency, then there’s no need to give vitamin supplements. It’s unlikely that they will assimilate in the dog’s body anyway.

If you still feel, however, that you must give your pooch vitamins in pill form because you believe his diet is lacking in certain part of essential nutrition, it would be best to get yoru Fido go through physical examination first. This way, the veterinarian can properly guide you on what’s the best vitamin to give your pet based on the tests, and also how to avoid overdosing on vitamins or wasting money on useless pills.

Where Do Dog Vitamins Come From?

Manufacturers, especially the most reputable ones, formulate dog foods that provide complete nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. Since dogs basically eat the same meals every day, unlike humans, it’s assumed that if you keep feeding your Fido this same nutritionally balanced meal, then giving vitamin supplements may not be necessary.

Moreover, you might be feeding your dog vitamins that aren’t exactly healthy and harder to process for the pet’s body. According to holistic vets at Dogs Naturally Magazine, many vitamins and supplements for dogs are not made the same way as human vitamins. These products come from hydrogenated sugars and waste products from industrial products in coals and mines.

While some poorly manufactured vitamins may contain ingredients like formaldehyde and even cyanide, as well as plenty of preservatives so that the vitamins can be stocked in store shelves for months or years, there’s a number of popular vitamins for dogs that are highly reviewed by pet owners and are much safer (but it doesn’t mean…

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