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Indoor Dog Toilet for Winter: A Necessity or a Waste of Money?

Some dog owners choose to get an indoor dog toilet for their pets during the winter to spare them from going out into the cold. While this can be seen as a waste of money by some, others claim that it is not only a convenient thing, but even a necessity. So, is an indoor dog toilet for winter actually usefully and something you need to buy, or is it a waste of money?

What’s an Indoor Dog Toilet?

There are a few different options when it comes to indoor dog toilets.

One of the more popular ones provides a section of real or artificial grass where dogs can go to do their business, like Petmaker Paw one. Others may not have grass but rather an imitation of ground and mud, and will have replaceable sheets, like the Bark Potty that we’ve reviewed before.

Another recent trend is a twist on the above type of indoor toilet for dogs, and is often called a “dog litter box” because the design is similar to cat litter boxes, as well as grated pet toilets, which is basically a tray fitted with a grate. Dog grass litter boxes are probably the least popular type because their design is still far from perfect.

Finally, and most typical variation of what can be called an “indoor dog toilet” are the famous potty training pee pads that are typically used to keep young pups from soiling everything around the house while going through housebreaking procedure. Dog pee pads are very popular, but I wouldn’t count them as doggy toilets, really.

While all these pet toilet options have their advantages and flaws, the real question is do you even need an indoor dog toilet for winter, and after your dog has already been housebroken. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider before you make your decision.

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Do You Need an Indoor Dog Toilet?

Whether you’ll get any use out of an indoor toilet in…

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