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Passenger Tells Blind Woman to Remove Her Guide Dog from Bus Because It’s ‘Black’

Passenger Tells Blind Woman to Remove Her Guide Dog from Bus Because It’s ‘Black’
Liverpool Echo
An episodically blind woman was harassed by a stranger while on the bus because of her guide dog. The stranger alleged that her guide dog could not be genuine because he is black.

Those who are blind often rely on a number of disability aids to help them get by and live their daily lives. For some, that aid comes in the form of a guide dog, trained to protect them and keep them safe.

Most laws allow for the use of service dogs and guide dogs in all locations, as to deny users this would be to deny them any accessibility. But there’s plenty of ignorance in the world that shows we have a long way to go in understanding ableism.

Megan Taylor is a woman from England who has a neurological condition and a heart condition to boot. She began experiencing episodic blindness following a severe head injury that occurred when she was 15. She is 22 years old and uses a black Labrador as her guide dog in her day-to-day life.

One fine Monday, Taylor was just going about her business and boarded a bus in Merseyside to get to her desired destination, as anyone would do. But her peaceful commute was interrupted by a complete stranger on the bus who felt the need to speak up against her instead of minding her own business.

The woman immediately swore at Taylor when she saw the dog, asking why he was there and demanding the dog was taken off the bus….

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