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A Person Tied a Terrified Dog to a Tree and Left Him There to Die

The dog was very scared and shaking when he was first found
The dog was very scared and shaking when he was first found
A dog left tied to a tree near an animal shelter was found to have an out-of-date microchip. The RSPCA is on the lookout for any leads that will tell them where he came from.

When a poor Rottweiler and French Mastiff mix was seen tied up to a tree in a quiet lane near an animal shelter, the person who spotted him knew he had to help.

“He was very scared and shaking when he was first found.”

The sad dog was absolutely terrified and shaking in every limb, visibly scared from being abandoned so heartlessly by someone he likely trusted and cared for. A passerby was walking with his own dog, who spotted the tied pup first and quickly alerted his owner.

The pup had been left tied to a tree on a small road nearby to the Ashley Heath Animal…

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