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Personality Traits of Yorkshire Terriers

It is very easy to be charmed by a Yorkshire Terrier. So, if you’ve been thinking to get a Yorkie for yourself, we can’t blame you for the choice you are about to make. But, first, you should gather as much info as possible about this breed. You need to make sure that the Yorkshire Terrier is indeed the right dog breed for you.

Even if most Yorkies share a set of common traits, it is worth remembering that each dog is unique and will have its particularities. It is like personalities in humans, so you can’t expect your dog to be exactly as presented by the books. Also, if you want to develop the traits that make the Yorkie famous, you need to properly socialize and educate your dog.

This particular dog breed is a great companion dog, but it can also easily develop the small dog syndrome, which can turn your Yorkie into a snappy, vicious, and nervous dog. So, even if it is a small dog, it should still be trained and socialized ever since it is a puppy. What makes Yorkies such pleasant pets? Once you read the list below, containing the personality traits of this breed, you will understand.

Full of energy

Let us not forget that the Yorkie is, after all, a Terrier. Believe it or not, the creation of this sophisticated and elegant dog had as purpose vermin chasing and killing. Of course, no one uses the Yorkie for such purposes anymore, as these dogs are bred for their beauty and joyful character.

But, the instincts still remain, so don’t be surprised if your dog will want to chase any little critter it spots. Unfortunately, this dog is the possessor of a brave heart and is often not aware of dangers. In order to avoid unwanted events, walk your dog in a leash and teach it to come when called, in case you want to allow it to roam off-leash.

A rather independent dog

While most small dogs act like the shadows of their owners, the tiny Yorkie will show a rather larger tendency toward independence. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can leave it home alone for the entire day, thinking that it will cope. It means that it can be strong-willed and may want to do things on its own.

This is why it is recommended to be consistent when training your Yorkie. Otherwise, you may end up having a new leader in the house, in the form of your dog. So, come up with a set of rules and make sure the entire family sticks to the plan. If not, your dog will follow its own rules and that may not be in the benefit of the household.

Highly intelligent

Just like all Terriers, the Yorkie has a native intelligence that will make it a very smart and intuitive dog. Almost anything can stir their curiosity and will constantly be on the watch, observing and gathering information from their surrounding environment.

Due to the fact that they are devoted to their owners, training a Yorkie is not going to be such a difficult part. The tricky part is to grab its attention and make it curious in what you have to show or teach it. So, try to make training sessions fun and exciting.

Full of life and determined

You will hardly find a dog with so much positive energy stored in their little bodies. The Yorkie loves life and will show this every time it has the chance. Of course, when something disturbs its good nature, like something that scares it or when it is mistreated, it can snap and show a not-so-good side. So, you should be calm and patient with your dog, and you’ll always see its best side.

You will also be surprised by how determined such a small dog can be. Some may even say that the Yorkie is stubborn. But, no matter how you put it, the Yorkie will stick to its plan until the task is completed. This can be quite challenging when looking to make your dog obey, as your proposal should be more interesting than whether caught its attention.

Loving and affectionate

One of the things that make Yorkies such amazing companions is the fact that they are very affectionate dogs. They get very attached to their owners and will love them, in spite of their periodic stubbornness.


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