Newborn baby found by newspaper carrier in middle of county road

MADERA, Calif. (KTVX/KSEE) – A newborn baby girl is recovering after she was found abandoned in the middle of a Madera County Road Monday morning.

According to Madera County Sheriff’s Office, dispatchers received a call around 4:30 a.m when a newspaper delivery man reported he had found an abandoned infant in the roadway of Avenue 13 1/2 in Madera County.

Aurelio Fuentes, from Madera, said he was out delivering newspapers when he noticed something lying on the road. Thinking it was an animal, he slowed down. As he approached, he heard the cries for help.

“You can tell they placed the baby there; they didn’t toss it. They just placed it there,” Fuentes said. “I got a little more closer….

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