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Animal Shelter Throws Senior Dogs Adorable Wedding So They Can Get Adopted Together

Jack and Diane, two senior mixed-breed dogs, are in it for the long howl.

Earlier this month, the staff at Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Augusta, Maine, threw the canine couple a dog wedding in order to raise awareness among potential adopters that they are a bonded pair and need to be placed in a home together.

Sabrina Beggs

Stevanie Roy, the director of operations at KVHS, told HuffPost that the doggie duo was found in a cemetery in Chelsea, Maine, in August 2018 with their leashes tied together. The staff at the shelter figured they were close, but their adorable behaviors toward each other quickly confirmed that their feelings ran much deeper than puppy love.

Roy noted that the two “can be found snuggling together for hours,” but the cuteness doesn’t stop there.

Roy explains that Jack, 10, is a pretty laid-back guy, “very treat motivated” and — most importantly — a true gentleman.

“He sacrifices all toys and comfy beds for his lady, keeping chivalry alive,” Roy said.

Diane, 7, seems to be the boss in the relationship and tends to decide “their adventures” together. But she also…

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