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My Dog is Stretching a Lot: What It Means and What To Do

My Dog is Stretching a Lot - What It Means and What To Do
My Dog is Stretching a Lot – What It Means and What To Do

You’ve probably seen your pup stretch pretty regularly over the years. Sometimes they do it before or after taking a nap, or when they’re letting you know they want to go outside. But if your dog is stretching a lot, more than usual, or seems to do so in a strange way, it could potentially (though rarely) be a sign that you need to look into this.

It Can Be a Sign of an Upset Stomach

A dog may be stretching a lot to attempt to release pressure build up in the stomach. One of the more common warnings from veterinarians is about canine bloat, but not all pet owners are aware of how serious this condition actually is. When gasses build up inside your dog’s tummy, the abdomen begins to stretch and push up against the other surrounding organs.

Check your dog’s stomach, does it look overly round or emit any gurgling sounds? Is it warm to the touch? Is your pup drooling excessively? If so, these are all signs of dog bloat which is serious and can be fatal if not treated quickly enough.

To avoid this from happening, pay attention to how much water your pup drinks when they come in from playtime. Allow their breathing to slow for a few minutes and allow their temperature to drop. Give them a reasonable amount of water, and remove it once they’ve had enough to hydrate a little, but not so much that they’re gulping down an entire bowl.

Additionally, you shouldn’t feed your dog until their breathing has gone complete back to normal. If you struggle with a canine who gobbles up their food within a few bites, try using a puzzle bowl instead so that they’re forced to eat individual pieces. Some claims have been made that elevated dog food bowls may prevent canine bloat; however, there is no evidence to that and it appears to be a myth. In fact, some studies…

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