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Review: Mighty Paw Smart Bell Dog Doorbell

If your dog is trained to scratch at the door when he wants to go out, it’s probably doing a lot of damage to your door and the frame around it. If you’re tired of the unsightly marks in your entryway, training your pet to use a doorbell may be a better option. The Mighty Paw Smart Bell is an electronic doorbell for pets that can be heard virtually anywhere in your home.

A doggy doorbell is exactly what it sounds like – a doorbell for dogs. These devices are easy to use, and it’s pretty easy to train your pooch to notify you that he wants to go out. The concept of a doggy doorbell is simple, which means finding the one that fits your home and your dog is fairly easy.

There are two types of doorbells – electronic and traditional. Electronic doorbells – like the Mighty Paw Smart Bell – can be pressed with a paw or nose. They make an audible tone when pressed. Think of pressing someone’s doorbell before entering their home.

Traditional models feature a string of metal bells that your dog can jingle to signal that he wants to go outside. When you’re looking for the best dog doorbells, be sure to keep your pet’s needs and personality in mind.

Do you think it would be easier for Fido to press a button or jingle a string of bells with his nose? It will take longer to train your dog to use a doorbell if he’s scared of it or has a difficult time using the device.

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Mighty Paw Smart Bell…

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