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5 Best Dog Furniture Covers and Protectors

Top 5 Best Dog Furniture Covers and Protectors
Top 5 Best Dog Furniture Covers and Protectors

One of the main problems we as dog owners often face is protecting our furniture. What’s more, this is one of the chief reasons why a lot of people are hesitant about getting a dog in the first place – they are afraid of property damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your belongings like couches, chairs and other furniture from dogs’ (and cats’) scratches, fur or even liquids without having to train your pup not to climb on said furniture. It’s called dog furniture covers (and protectors), and there are many options to choose from.

What’s a Dog Furniture Cover and Furniture Protector?

Pet furniture covers and protectors are different types of plastic, silicone, textile, and other material covers that are meant to cover pieces of furniture such as couches, sofas, chairs, and beds to prevent them from being damaged yet keep the aesthetic look.

These materials are usually comprised of at least 3 layers:

1. An upper layer of a soft quilt or another textile that’s comfortable to sit in for both dogs and humans alike.

2. A middle thick layer with a purpose to offer insulation both from pet scratches and bites, as well as from liquids. Many dog furniture covers are waterproof but not always.

3. A bottom layer, usually made out of silicone or other plastic, and the idea of which is to help the cover stick to the piece of furniture without moving. This will help it stay in place even when rowdy dogs are running on top of it and curious cats are trying to get underneath it.

Different pet furniture covers may also include adjustable straps to help them attach to the edges of furniture and stay in place. They can also be made in different shapes, sizes and designs, as well as include side pieces to cover more specific couch or sofa designs. More often than not, however, you’ll encounter general rectangular furniture covers that are meant to fit on different types of furniture.

There’s also another item called “dog furniture protector”, such as this Couch Guard, for example. Their goal is to simply create an obstacle for the dog to stop it from sitting in the comfortable couch. This does work in some cases, but there are plenty of dogs and other pets that manage to sit next to the protector or to remove it entirely.

Since when people talk about dog furniture protectors and covers they usually mean covers that aim to protect the furniture from scratching and hairs, that’s the type we’ll focus on here. These are also far more effective and better looking that the above mentioned pet furniture protector.

Below, we have a buying guide on dog furniture covers and tips on how to pick the most suitable one for your pets and home furniture. We’re also review these five best options:

When You Need Dog Furniture Covers and Protectors?

Dog furniture covers and protectors fulfill multiple purposes, some of which are obvious and others that you may have not considered and that extend beyond pets. If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy a dog furniture protector or cover, here’s a quick list of the benefits it can bring to your home’s couch, sofa, bed, or other types of furniture to help you decide whether it’s something you need:

• Protection against scratching and chewing. Both dogs and cats, as well as other pets if you have any, love to sometimes scratch their claws or chew on different items. This is done either to sharpen their nails, to satisfy an itch, to entertain themselves or to relieve anxiety. It’s usually best to train that behavior away, but in the meantime – or in addition to that – you can also protect some of your extra-precious pieces of furniture with a good pet furniture cover.

• Protection against wear and tear. Even if your dog or other pet isn’t purposefully scratching or chewing the couch, chances are that there will still be some (unintentional) noticeable, gradual damage. Cats, in particular, but also smaller dogs with thinner and pointier claws, can easily drill hundreds of small holes in a piece of furniture over time just by walking on it. If your pet has a favorite spot on your couch, you’ll notice it wearing off after just several months.

• Protection against fur. Most dogs and other pets leave a ton of fur behind them. There are ways to minimize this, usually through grooming and brushing, or the use of pet hair removers, but unless your pet is 100% hairless, there will always be some amount of pet hair. A dog furniture cover can protect your couch from that, as well as be easier to clean and wash than the couch itself.

• Protection against fluids. Most housebroken dogs won’t pee on your couch accidentally, but with all animals, there is always some risk of unexpected “fluid discharge.” If your dog is very old or sick, they may vomit or pee unexpectedly; and some dog breeds simply can’t help themselves and always have lots of extra saliva dripping from their mouths, all of which ends up on your couch or chairs.

• Protection against nonpet related damage. Dogs aren’t the only ones that can damage our furniture. We ourselves are perfectly capable of spilling things on it as well. And while this isn’t the primary purpose of a dog furniture protector, it’s certainly a nice bonus – to know you can safely bring drinks over to the couch.

• Covering up existing damage. The reality for most dog owners is that a lot of our furniture is already damaged. And since some pieces of furniture are expensive to replace, a nice, big dog furniture cover can not only protect the couch, bed or sofa from additional damage but it can also cover the already existing one.

• Saving you the trouble of having to train your dog to not climb on the couch. A lot of dog owners spend many hours and tons of effort to train their dogs which pieces of furniture they can climb and which they cannot. Not only is this very tiresome and annoying for the dog owner, it can also be very confusing and even borderline mental torture for the dogs because they are incapable of understanding the reasoning behind such commands. What’s more, such training is often in vain as most ill-trained dogs will happily disobey orders once we go to work and leave them alone. A nice couch or bed dog cover makes all this unnecessary.

How to Effectively Use a Pet Furniture Cover or Protector?


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