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Flower and Wildlife Therapy (and a pox on Daylight Saving Time)

Eeps, sorry, the week has gotten ahead of me. Let’s all blame “Daylight Saving Time“. I put it in quotes because its title is patently illogical–it’s not like we are actually getting more daylight. And besides, I dislike this silly time change twice a year, that has no purpose but to mess up our biological clocks. Humm, I detect I am sounding a bit grumpy.

Daylight Saving Time is, however, a convenient explanation of why I can’t write a decent post today, so there is that. I did have fun with some photos this weekend, so I thought I’d share those today. In the meantime, I’m working on posts about exercises for older dogs, whether bigger brains mean smarter dogs and what fear might smell like. Stay tuned.

First, some flower therapy. Outdoors it is all black, brown and grey, so I am especially grateful that some of the amaryllis I put outside last spring are blooming. No thanks to me; I forgot about them off and on all summer, put them in the dark way too late, and yet 4 of the 6 are blooming or about to. Sometimes you just get lucky.

I could get lost in this flower.

I mentioned the world is black and white outside. Is that what prompted me to play with these photos of Maggie and Polly and make them black and white?…

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